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Kahn-Designed Condo Offers Cavernous Living Room In The Sky

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Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit - Detroit Real Estate Photography
Garden Court Condominiums

just coughed up the swankiest Kahn-designed listing we've seen in a long while. At $3,000/month, the rent is steep (to say the least) but you're getting the appropriate amount of bang for your 3,000 bucks with this one. The apartment is a spacious 3000 SF, and 390 of them are taken up by a gymnasium-sized living room that we simply can't imagine having to fill with furniture. The remaining square footage is spread out over four bedrooms, an opulent kitchen, and three full bathrooms -- with heated towel holders, course. The balcony? If you don't feel weird staring down at a Dollar Tree from your $3K/month apartment, then the view of downtown and the river is mighty fine.
· 2900 Jefferson [City Living Detroit]

Garden Court Condominiums

2900 E. Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207