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Another Round On Corktown! Two James Distillery Opening 2013

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First a nano-brewery, now a liquor distillery? It seems like Corktown is trying to one-up itself, doesn't it? The Two James Spirits Company, makers of gin, whiskey and bourbon, will transform a former taxi garage at 2445 Michigan Avenue into Detroit's first licensed distillery since prohibition. Get your Ibuprofen ready and prepare for a headache, because we have two wonderful words for you: Taste Room.

Two James was founded by friends Peter Bailey and David Landrum, who originally wanted to open the distillery in Midtown but were (thankfully) unable to find a space that worked. The large building they settled on is owned by Joe Mifsud and Bryan Brincat, who co-own several other Michigan Avenue properties. Possessions include most of the Dime Bank's block (with the LOAN sign), the building Onassis Coney Island calls home, and the building housing Mercury Bar.

With Batch Brewery opening mid-year, Gold Cash Gold coming near the end of next summer, and the vague possibility of a new Italian restaurant at the Dime Bank Building, Corktown shall be awash in alcohol next year. Look to the Two James, though, if you really want to let loose — they have designs on eventually distilling Absinthe.
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