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Village Green Developer Is Amenity-Addicted, Bringing "Sexy Bathrooms" To Ann Arbor

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We don't generally pay too much attention to the real estate market in Ann Arbor, as it might as well be a million miles away on a college-town cloud. But when Farmington Hills-based developer Village Green says things about it's new AA development like "sexy bathrooms" and "the bathtub is designed for having wine glasses and candles," we can't ignore it! Behold, the Ann Arbor City Apartments, a 155-unit luxury development with bathtubs designed for two people! Inevitable "Sky Club" and "Zen Garden" included? OMG Yes!

"We're going to deliver what we think will be a great product that you can get today in Chicago and New York and L.A. but you currently can't get in Michigan, let alone Ann Arbor," said Village Green CEO Jonathan Holtzman.Holtzman and Village Green are the team behind Detroit's recently re-branded Detroit City Apartments, which similarly attempted to wow us with amenities. We found the fire pit, mini-pool, and (wait for it....) "Sky Club" to feel extremely misplaced. Redevelopment is great, but when you have a cool building (Broderick, Whitney) you don't have to throw a bunch of amenities on top. We don't need sprinkles on the ice cream if it just starts out as really good ice cream. We're not saying that Detroit's depressed market is a good thing, but there is something about a lack of developers wasting money on stupid amenities in this part of Michigan that is refreshing. Fingers crossed we can avoid the sex-tub trend. · Village Green: New downtown Ann Arbor apartments to feature luxury amenities and 'sexy bathrooms' []
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