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Construction Underway on The Brentwood's 38 Apartments

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Yesterday we received an intriguing tweet about a building renovation in Midtown (at 487 Prentis Street) from a helpful tipster that wanted to know more. We looked up the address and found a report from Crain's on January 15th announcing the Brentwood Building would undergo a "$1.2 million historic rehab to create 38 residential units." Looks like it's happening for real! The completion date in Crain's is late 2012 and the Developer listed was Brentwood Detroit LLC, whose registered agent with the state is Marc Berger. Anyone have some intel on him? According to MLS data, The Brentwood last sold in 2008 for $315 K so it seems he's been waiting for just the right moment bring these apartments to the hot Midtown rental market.

· Midtown milestones [Crain's]

The Brentwood

487 Prentis Street, , Detroit, MI 48201