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For $1500/month You'll Be Able to Walk to Whole Foods

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It's not a terribly attractive building on the exterior, but we are guessing that The Ellington on Woodward Ave. is about to become a more popular rental option since it will be just a short walk to Whole Foods when the store opens later this year. (For everyone that whined about the parking situation: why not just stroll through the lot with your cheddar bunnies?) As it turns out, the building is decent on the inside as demonstrated by this corner loft, a two-bedroom with panoramic views. It's a no-pet place with in-unit laundry, covered parking, and a fitness center. Sure, being just above Starbucks might not have the cachet of being next to Avalon on the other side of Woodward, but you'll be able to watch Whole Foods going up, all the while iPhoning incessant updates to Curbed! Oh and you will have hardwood floors, a double vanity in both bathrooms, and stainless steel kitchen appliances to store foods from Whole Foods. Did we mention Whole Foods? Also: Whole Foods. The 1,420 square foot loft is listed by O'Connor Realty for $1,500 a month.

· 3670 Woodward Ave. (The Ellington) [O'Connor]

The Ellington Lofts

3670 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Mi 48201