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Colorado Couple Rescues Home With $13,500 in Unpaid Taxes

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Ever dreamed of rescuing an adorable but decaying home and restoring it to grandeur? (Isn't that the universal Detroit real estate dream these days?) A couple in Colorado is somewhere in the middle of this crazy process and Curbed got the opportunity to ask them all about the crazy details of buying a fixer-upper with $13,500 in back taxes. When all was said and done, they managed to close on the home, buying it from a Florida-based company that got the place for $85,000 in 2002. The sellers offered it to these out of towners (who will move to Detroit once it is renovated) for $7,500. Thinking that price was a bit suspect, the couple discovered the back taxes and negotiated to have the seller pay them off before handing over the title, which brought the final purchase price up to $24,500. In the end, it was a mostly happy result, but they almost did not close on the home thanks to some seller antics. Curbed Detroit will bring you that interview later this week. In the meantime, let's all be grateful for out-of-towners that could buy houses almost anywhere, but chose to put up with the circus that is Detroit real estate.

· 7840 Van Dyke Place, Detroit MI [Trulia]