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Friends From Warren Buy for "Wow" Factor in Woodbridge

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The 48208, America's cheapest zip code, has reeled in another buyer to a romantic fixer-upper. On February 1st, a group of friends living in Warren closed on this home for less than $50,000 and began the plans to renovate it themselves with a contractor friend. Brian Ambrozy and his partner Matt "Lincoln" Russell are roommates that have owned Short Media together since 2007 and will be sharing the home with Brian's two kids and girlfriend, Nicole Lapointe.

Brian's been posting about falling in love with the home as well as the "woah omg what did we do?" emotions on IntoDetroit. While the construction updates are coming later, we're already jealous (and not just because of that left-behind leopard-print high-heeled chair.) The house has a fantastic circular porch, an attic like a cathedral, and it gets to call the Woodbridge Pub it's local watering hole. Their space currently has four bedrooms, a parlor, a dining room, a living room, and a giant kitchen with 12-foot ceilings. Of course, they have already been to the architectural salvage warehouse. Congrats to the crew for picking a real steal in Detroit; from the sound of it, this crew is so over the 'burbs. Brian says that people are, in fact, angrier the further you get from the city and that he's ready for that new Detroit spirit.

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