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Meanwhile still no discussion of how Royal Oak is looking to become the leader in non motorized transportation for SE Michigan, even looking so far as to reduce the lanes on Woodward Ave. for cycle and pedestrian use. Or, how Royal Oak did not give a patch of land up for a farm because they are looking at building a 50mil dollar hospital there. New jobs in medical field and becoming a bike friendly community, that doesn't appeal to young professionals at all. Just as the Midtown Incentive and Whole Foods will attract young medical professionals to the DMC corridor. I am glad that the city is attracting new business and doing better, the rising tide lifts all boats. However, sardonic comments contained in the post are just city vs. suburbs for the under 30 crowd. I don't like it from the boomers and I don't like it from people in my age group. [Out-Of-Town Realty Group Gives Detroit An Investment Verdict]