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$50 K Houses Are The Hot Thing In Detroit Right Now

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Earlier this week, we told you about the "Wow" in Woodbridge, a home that a group of friends bought for just under $50 K. And while we are not looking to diminish how awesome that score was, we'd like to point out it's not the only incredible place to sell for that perfect Detroit price in the last six months. Behold, a four-bedroom Mexicantown house that O'Connor Real Estate originally listed for $84,900. It closed at a nice even $50,000 last August and is the new HQ for Summer in the City. The founders of that non-profit will make it their permanent home and a place to host their volunteer project. The house is perfectly positioned at the corner of Clark Park and within walking distance of W. Vernor's attractions such as Cafe Con Leche.

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Summer In The City Detroit

1655 Clark St. , Detroit, MI