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Detroit Likes to Party in Semi-Deconstructed Spaces

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Photos by Michael Gregor.

In case you missed Detroit Soup's two-year anniversary party last Sunday (and we are pretty sure every Detroiter in his or her 20s was there), here are a few shots of the scene. While every city has party spaces, Detroit's totally cornered the market on that unfinished, do-we-even-have-a-permit-to-be-here look for big events. And we love it! Why wait til renovations are done to show off a structure? Hell, most places look best stripped down (we love these brick walls!), so bring on the space heaters. Congrats to the super soup-ers on raising so much money for local creative projects and for showing us a building we did not know about on E. Grand Blvd.

Other favorite examples of the trend? Most of the (secret location) Clandestdine parties and the Model D party at the David Whitney last October.

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Detroit Soup

2900 E Grand, Detroit, MI 48202