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The London Chop House Is Back And The Decor is All Throwback

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Tuesday (Valentine's) was the private opening party for the London Chop House and no, we were not invited. But now you can have a gander at Detroit's second incarnation of this wood-paneled ode to leather booths and low lighting now reborn, thanks to these photos taken by Eat It Detroit's Nicole Rupersburg. (The cause of many oncoming hangovers this weekend). According to the Freep, the original booths are right back where they used to be in the "best-known restaurant in Detroit history." That distinction probably depends on your age; since the original closed in 1991 anyone that has read the internet since 2005 now knows that Slows stole that title. The public opening is not til next Monday but the old-school opulence looks all ready to get back to it's origins as Detroit's iteration of New York's "21" Club. We tend to get a little antsy in windowless places (Ferndale's The Oakland included), but we're betting it does well with the sort of crowd that has nostalgia for restaurant phone booths and remembers actually using one before. (They've included one so that you can drunk dial your friends in 1982).

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London Chop House

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