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DIY Detroit Documentary

Feel like we tell you about a new Documentary on Detroit every week? That is because we do. Here now, tips on how to make your own from Changing Gears. It begins with Act 1: After you visually establish that Detroit is a rotting mess of industrial decay, you’ll need to remind your audience of the glory days. Be sure to refer to Detroit as the Motor City as much as possible. Of course, the part where everything turns around (Act Three: A Glimmer Of Hope) is the best. And we can tell the city is on track thanks to scenes from Avalon Bakery and Slow’s BBQ followed by a trip to a community garden and a chat with an artist. Curbed Detroit looks forward to seeing these debut not every week, but every night. But only if we keep getting free press passes. There is no way we can have too many of these: young white people who want to rebuild Detroit are totally in right now. Let's keep the momentum going! [Changing Gears]