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Amazeballs Bank-Owned Mansion For Jaw-Dropping Price

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Sure, it needs TLC and updates, but $145,000 for this 1901 Mansion with six bedrooms is just wicked awesome! It boasts wood work and other historic accents, fireplaces, and has a gated parking area. It's on the edge of the neighborhood near Jefferson Ave and includes a parking garage; the whole lot is about half an acre. Back in January 2011, the place was listed for $375,000 but was taken off the market in March. That is a helluva PriceChopper! At a savings of $230 K, that's about 60% off!

Update: A helpful local points out that this place was once the home of the Van Dyke Place restaurant which means it might still be zoned for commercial use. Seems like plenty of room for a business in there to us!

· 649 Van Dyke St []
· 649 Van Dyke St [Zillow]

Mansion At 649 Van Dyke St.

649 Van Dyke St. , Detroit, MI