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Detroit's In-Progress RoboCop Statue Shows Off Kit-O-Parts

No word yet on what the final location will be, but here's a mini reveal for Detroit's still-coming-whether-you-like-it-or-not RoboCop statue. The project began when Mayor Bing responded to a tweet saying the city would not fund such a statue and a local crew started a Kickstarter page to do it. Though the project raised the $67,436 needed to build it last March, they had to wait for MGM to send along the official model. These images come to us via Jerry Paffendorf (one of the dudes from the Detroit Needs RoboCop crew) who explains that this is an image from the 3D scan shop that is digitizing and scaling up the molds for the statue. The final masterpiece will be bronze and, as you can see, will have a nice, toned butt that seems to have never seen a paczki.

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