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Comment of the Day

I was at this event. Before it started, I spoke to the organizer, Amy Kaherl. She said the building was originally a film studio. Later, out of curiosity, I looked it up. The name I found was Jam Handy Organization. So I looked that up. Jam (Jamison) Handy was an Olympic Gold Medal swimmer in 1904 and 1924. He was the first to win gold medals 20 years apart. He pioneered some underwater filming techniques to study his form. Apparently, some of his breathing techniques are still used by swimmers today. In addition to being an Olympian, he also started a film company called the Jam Handy Organization. They produced over 7,000 motivational and instructional films, mostly for the U.S. Army, General Motors, Chevrolet, and various other national companies. The Soup event was just in the front part of the building, but I saw that it goes way back. I know there are some people who live there, too, but we never got to see that part of the structure. I'm definitely curious, though. -scientist76 [Detroit Likes to Party in Semi-Deconstructed Spaces]