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Luxe Loft Game Changer! Book Cadillac Lists $ 1.2 M Penthouse

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Since the open house in November, when we think "expensive Detroit highrise with great views," we think Broderick Tower. Its two-story penthouses will rent for $5,000/month when completed in the fall and were on track for being the definitive lust-worthy downtown Detroit luxury address we could not afford. But today we learn that the Book Cadillac has thrown a curve ball into the expensive listings game! They've been renovating the penthouse of the tower into a three-story, 3,479 square foot condo (like the Broderick, it's still under construction) which you can buy for a mere $1,200,000. As the lower floors of building are the Westin Hotel, you'll enjoy some extra swankness not available at the Broderick: such as access to the valet, pool, fitness center, room service and housekeeping. The three-bedroom and three-and-a-half bathroom even boasts three outdoor terraces. In terms of loft luxury in Detroit, the gauntlet has been thrown. Unless the Broderick mashes together two penthouses into a four-bedroom and throws in the roof deck, we don't expect to be this impressed again for quite some time.

Update! According to real estate agent Matt O'Laughlin, there are three of these penthouses being sold "as is;" it will be up to the buyer to finish them out.

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The Residences At The Westin Book Cadillac

1135 Shelby, Detroit, Michigan 48226

Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226