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Back to the Land

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Just when you thought we could not be more over-run with hipsters, you find out the hippies are gaining on us. Meet a dreadlocked grad of Grosse Pointe South High School that is now a duck farmer on the east side. Of course, she is interested in sustainable building, lecture series, and workshops. "Now supporting herself with a day job as a building contractor, she's incorporating a lot of that into her east side properties, including the small house she lives in, the empty lots, and the large two-story house she's cooking in today, which she hopes to use for lectures, workshops and as a bed-and-breakfast. In fact, in May she plans to host renowned Austrian permaculture expert Sepp Holzer, aka the "rebel farmer."' Also, this March, she'll teach a poultry care and cooking workshop where kids will do an egg hunt and learn how to handle ducks without spooking or harming them." From what we can tell, she is using the birds for the eggs, and not to try out recipes from Roast. Seems like a missed opportunity to us. [MetroTimes]