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A Condo In Walking Distance to Lions and Tigers

Looking to get into condo living for under $150 K? While the exterior of this Brush Park building still bowls us over with the blandness, it's not a bad place on the inside. And at $149,900 for a two-bedroom that has quite decent views of better architecture in Brush Park, it's not a bad deal. There's a balcony and the building has a gym, but our favorite selling feature is the location. No, its not midtown or downtown but it super close to both while also being cheaper. Avoiding the craziness of game-day parking and walking to Comerica Park or Ford Field? Priceless! Sure, you might have to pass by the building Rabbi Miller is afraid of, but as a real Detroiter that's just part of the street cred. Even if the outside of your condo is boring enough to fit in in Royal Oak. · 66 Winder St Detroit, MI 48201 [Michigan Homes]