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The 5-Hour Energy Founder's Farmington Hills McMansion

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Behold, a home built in 2002 and last purchased in May 2009 for $1.1 M! With a little help from our intern and this file, Curbed Detroit has learned that this is the home of of so-called business superstar Manoj Bhargava, the man that founded 5-Hour Energy. Does he use his 6,100 square feet to get jacked up on his products and do cartwheels through the suburban home? The decor seems a bit low-energy to us. We dug up the real estate brochure from Kheder homes which claims the place is "French Provincial" with five bedrooms, four fireplaces, and a third-floor bonus room. Our verdict? Just another blah McMansion. The brochure says it was originally listed for $1,399,000. In his first local interview earlier this week, Bhargava told Crain's that "I'd be fine if I were to toil in obscurity." Well if he is doing that from home, we just hope he used some of his Billions on a decorator since these photos were taken. · Wizard of odds: Bhargava bets on big returns as he finally emerges from behind the curtain [Crain's]

Manoj Bhargava's Home

34643 Berkshire Ct , Farmington Hills, MI , MI 48331