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Great Debates in Hipsterific Times

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Who gets to make fun of Detroit hipsters [our hand slowly raises, waves] is the question that the Changing Gears site addresses in response to some jokes cracked from Austin, TX. The clip at issue is this: "What do young and creative urbanites love most in this world? Being on the forefront of a scene — what better place to do that than Detroit, Michigan, a city that’s slowly bootstrapping itself up from the PITS OF HADES. Within cities that have lost everything, hipsters favorite second thing in this world emerges — ruin porn. Add a frosting layer of adaptive reuse and you got yourself one sweet hipster cupcake." According to CG, this clip is insulting because it was written by a non local. Also the crepe craze is still going. We are certain that one or both of those points are wrong. [Changing Gears]