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A Five Bedroom West Village Fixer Upper For Under $25 K

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West Villages living for just $22,800? Ok, how much work does this bank-owned five-bedroom need? Probably a lot. They are not showing us the bathrooms or all that many of the rooms in general and that's not good. All the same, someone paid $138,375 for this house in 2007 so it might not be a total train wreck. It has a fireplace, hardwood floors, two full bathrooms and a two-car detached garage. Not to mention that exterior looks totally adorable. If you don't mind a fixer-upper then go for it! You might even be able to get it for less than this ask; the price has already dropped down from $25 K since it came on the market in late January.

· 656 Van Dyke St. Detroit, MI 48214 [Zillow]

656 Van Dyke St

656 Van Dyke St , Detroit, MI