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SUPER Trendy Space? or Just Looks Like a Lot of IKEA?

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Here's a shot from a Royal Oak apartment recently added to Airbnb, the site for temporary vacation rentals. We thought the place looked nice enough, but seems a bit too proud of its own decor. The headline says "SUPER Trendy Space in Downtown RO!" and continues. "There are a million fabulous uses for the over the top cool space!" Meh. We are pretty we sure owned half of that furniture in our younger days and that it is from IKEA. Which is fine, but it's no "super" in ALL CAPS. Right? It rents for $800/week or $3,000/month, which makes it even less super if you ask us.

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· SUPER Trendy Space in Downtown RO! [AirBNB]

Royal Oak Airbnb Loft

W 6th St and Main St., Royal Oak, MI