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Chrysler/Fiat CEO Spends $3.9 M on 9,000 SF Suburban Home

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After yesterday's news that the 5-Hour Energy CEO has a boring looking suburban home, we were hoping our next McMansion announcement would be a pretty one. Unfortunately, when the Free Press reports on a $3.9 million mansion, they don't show an image of it. What? No real estate eye candy today? Lame. Well apparently the Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has purchased a custom-built home in northern Oakland County, the suburbs of Detroit. The place has a two-story great room, six fireplaces, two gourmet kitchens and a lower level with a theater room, among other amenities. We're guessing it is in Bloomfield Hills. Here is what the Freep real estate section was willing to say:

Marchionne's new home was built in an old-world style, said Kevin Akey, owner of AZD Architects in Bloomfield Hills. Akey said he built the home for a client who couldn't complete the deal.

The home has water on three sides, Akey said. It was sold fully furnished.

So seriously. Does the Freep really not know where the home is? We need to oggle this thing for real. For chistsakes you can't write about a potentially awesome or terrible house and lead with an image of an old guy's face. Kinda reminds us of how Chrysler uses Clint Eastwood's wrinkley face to sell cars now. Show us the goods! · Chrysler CEO buys $3.9 million Oakland County home [Freep]