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The Brentwood: Renovated and Renting By End of Year

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If you love the Bronx Bar (and who does not?) the news that you could be living around the corner from it in early 2013 is likely to be the best thing you read in real estate today. (You are welcome!) One of the owners, Marc Berger, tells us that each of the 38 units is a one-bedroom and that they'll be renting out at market rate. He's using private funding and some brownfield credits to get the building up and running and aims to have it done by the end of the year. Here's hoping this redevelopment convinces a few more developers that the midtown multi-unit market is so hot right now. Maybe someone will even take on this one on Cass Ave., which is apparently the "ULTIMATE BACHELOR'S PAD." [CurbedWire Staff]

· Construction Underway on The Brentwood's 38 Apartments [Curbed Detroit]

The Brentwood

487 Prentis Street, , Detroit, MI 48201