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NY Daily News: Think of The Motor City For Your Next Vacation

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Sometimes we are really sad that we live in Detroit. Because that means we can't visit it! Detroit tourism is rad, says the New York Daily News. And of course that leads to a list of all the usual suspects around town that urban twenty-somethings like. So yeah, come eat meat and enjoy art, you New Yorkers with money to spend. If for no other reason than because we get tired of going to the same old places all the time and need you to support them so we no longer have to. We'll be getting drunk on the couch watching 30 Rock reruns on Hulu until someone writes a Detroit tourism guide that is not dependent on BBQ or coney dogs. We want the article to be correct when it says that Detroiters smile and say "Hello," when they meet strangers. And that can only mean that we must, must stay home.

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