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Residents Get HUD Foreclosure Notice at Lafayette Towers

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Lafayette Park — Sounds like the foreclosure thing is happening over at Lafayette Towers, the rental apartment building that The Northern Group bought in 2008. Will the building's famous critic, Supergay Detroit, be having champagne tonight to celebrate the management's demise? He famously slammed those owners for crimes against the Mies Van Der Rohe decor. Crain's notes that NG took out a $22.8 M loan for the property in 2009, and has lost control of Detroit real estate before. Our tipster says that a resident received a letter and income survey from HUD. "It was a foreclosure notification, an assurance that HUD is committed to keeping it affordable for low & moderate income folks, and the survey. Also some mention of the possibility that the city might buy it (eep), and a notice that HUD would bring it up to city/historical code during the foreclosure procedure." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Lafayette Towers

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