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Crepes Creeping! Competition Heats Up In Local Carb Craze

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Looks like there is a carb-loaded business battle coming to the burbs! So far recent creperies in this town have stuck to the one-per-region expansion mode. But that's about to change! Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes began in midtown Detroit, and then got a second location open in Grosse Pointe Park. Actually, it opened, then closed, then opened. What Crepe? began in Royal Oak, got a second location opened in Birmingham (only one opening needed) and now... is creeping its crepes up on Grosse Pointe territory, according to the Free Press. Nutella slinging to come? The word is that the next location will be open by summer in the former Burger Pointe spot at Kercheval and St. Clair. Does this mean that What Crepe? owner Paul Jenkins might move in on midtown too? Everyone knows that opening a business in the real Detroit will get you overexposed in local documentaries, an award not yet available in the suburbs. And with three locations for WC? versus two for Good Girls, who wants to stop short of small screen media domination?

· What Crepe? comes to Birmingham; Grosse Pointe next [Free Press]

Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes

14929 Charlevoix Ave., Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230