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Detroit Rentals on AirBNB: Throw This House a Dinner Party

Fridays make us think about vacations. Too bad we did not plan one for this weekend. Next best option? A staycation in an awesome home here in town where there are two extra bedrooms for your friends to crash. Don't underestimate the fun to be had at adult sleepovers. This home from Airbnb, the site for renting out fully furnished temporary stays, sleeps up to six. Prices start at $169/night or $1,000 for the week. It's a colorful place for sure, but somehow the decor pulls it off with a mix of antiques and kitsch that compliment the whole deal. The kitchen is practically begging for a dinner party. Which means we need to invite our chef friend for the weekend so we can lay on that red couch the whole time. · Detroit Rentals on AirBNB: One Big, Beautiful Loft [Curbed Detroit]
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