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News Reporter "Investigates" Detroit's "Boutique Hotel"

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Amusing or sad? A reporter from ABC Channel 7 investigated the "boutique hotel" concept coming to Detroit as if it were evidence of life on other planets. ["A boutique hotel. What is that? We met with the developers to find out!" she explains. Met with the developer? She does not know how to google it?] Take a tour of her amazement in this Detroit 20/20 segment shot at the David Whitney building which will become an Aloft Hotel later this year. She has to define "boutique hotel" and then has to ask the developers to explain it too, just in case we were so flabbergasted by the idea of an "urban market" that we did not believe her the first time. Well let's just hope this "next generation of travelers" they're predicting is more well dressed than the current crop of tv personalities. Our intrepid journalist runs her hand over the brass doors of the Whitney Building's elevator wearing what appear to be purple leopard print gloves. That can't be helpful to our Worst Dressed City ranking.

· Hotel To Open In David Whitney Building [YouTube]

David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226