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The Long History & Incredible Transformation of a Detroit Home

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A very thorough history-obsessed blogger, Paul Szewczyk, ran the above jaw dropping before-and-after image on Corktown History earlier this week. And we are still blinking and rubbing our eyes in amazement. The post on the O'Donnell house dates back to the home's construction in 1881 and takes us up to the very low, low point in 2004 when that boarded-up photo was taken. Those owners began fixing it up before handing it off to their neighbor in 2005, the current owner, to complete the dramatic transformation. Paul writes, "The success of this project is evidence that perhaps no home is beyond repair. Indeed, many of Corktown's endangered homes are in better condition than the O'Donnell house was at the point it was rescued from oblivion. It is my hope that that more homes like this will be saved by those with the energy, knowledge, and resources to make it happen."

· The O'Donnell House - 89 (1545) Leverette [Corktown History]