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Facadomy Slips into Car Commercial with Clint Eastwood

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So perhaps you have seen this new Imported from Detroit commercial for the car company Chrysler which debuted during some grand super sporting event last night? It's got Clint Eastwood in it saying that is it halftime in America, which we guess means it is time to buy some gold pom poms because that is how Madonna celebrated it. While the commercial has been deemed "chill-worthy" by locals (because who can say no to a two-minute Detroit plug during the most-watched sports event of the year?) we're certainly not as impressed as we were by Eminem's Imported From Detroit spot which aired last year.

Main problem? Eastwood's not in Detroit talking to us; he is at a stadium, presumably the one in Indianapolis, Ind. where the game was. Eminem drove through the streets of Detroit for the Chrysler 200, giving the city itself a much better supporting role in the whole ordeal. And then there's the fact that one of the few Detroit building shown last night was one of our weirdest; a facadomy! Behold, the scaffolding-supported Fine Arts Building's remainders, stripped from the rest of the building in 2009. Halftime? Well it needs about 80% more architecture to make it a real building again, so let's hope there is a ton of Gatorade for America's next two quarters.

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Fine Arts Building Facadomy

44 West Adams, Detroit, MI