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Van Dyke Place Mansion: (Decaying) Interior Decadence

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It's been listed less than a week, but we're already talking up the Van Dyke Place Mansion again! To recap: last week we had our mind blown by the asking price: a jaw-dropping $145,000. And today the interior detailing (painted ceiling mural!) blows what was left of our tiny little brain. And sure, part of the view from the home is of a gas station and it's clear that scrappers have been through, but this place has decadent details you won't find anywhere else. Given the massive size, we see potential for some sort of community club house/bed and breakfast. Local blogger Sweet Juniper reminds us that this mansion was built in 1901 by the fortune amassed from W.M. Finck company by making overalls. A tipster from the last post says that Town & Country Magazine called it the best French revival home in the country in 1912. Curbed Detroit is calling it one amazing opportunity to restore a place from decaying decadent to amazeballs decadent. With many mirrored walls, painted wood-work galore, and an annex full of the oh-so-popular white subway tile, the materials astound. You'll basically need to rebuild kitchens and bathrooms, and find a graceful way to deal with some odd wall additions from the annex's stint as an office (we say rip 'em out!), but this place is still a steal.

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Mansion At 649 Van Dyke St.

649 Van Dyke St. , Detroit, MI