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Rendering Revealed! Your First Look At Whole Foods Detroit!

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UPDATE: A helpful tipster sent in this first look at the building that will house the most important grocery store to open in America! And then we found two more on facebook. You guys with your iPhones... you are the best!

This just in: there's a rendering of the upcoming Detroit Whole Foods posted at the Ellington Lofts in midtown. A D-YESSER! writes: Nice layout, no surface parking so more space for the store I guess, which will take up the whole block including the old Chase Bank building, which is being demolished. It showed a continued streetwall along Mack Av. from Beaubian to the parking lot behind the Ellington Lofts. It looks like there leasing parking spaces from the garage behind it, also had some nice landscaping around the store. The design is pretty cool, kind-of dry but it will fit well with the design of the Ellington Lofts. Pictures real soon.. Can Curbed wait any longer for this image? Likely NOT! Super duper bonus points for the first tipster to iPhone an image to us at

· Whole Foods Market "Midtown" Rendering [DetroitYES!]

Whole Foods Detroit

Mack Ave and John R St., Detroit, MI 48201