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The Flying Nun Flirts With the Mt. Clemens Market

Let's face it. If you are going to be a nun, the flying kind is the only way to go. Behold! The wacky former location of a Savings and Loan which was later a nightclub called The Bank and is now a de facto homeless shelter since the nightlife left last June. It's know around town as The Flying Nun and it might be coming on the market (yay) or getting demolished (boo!).

Located in the city of Mt. Clemons, part of Macomb County, the building was designed by Detroit architect William Kessler. Says Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel in a press release, “Since vacant, the building has become an attractive nuisance. I am hopeful that the Board of Commissioners will decide to ensure that this property becomes a viable business that contributes to the area”. The release was sent out in order to "prod commissioners to take action," and officials are saying that fair market value for the structure is around $300,000. Will it or won't it list? Who knew nuns could be so coy!

· Hackel wants to sell or demolish 'The Flying Nun' building in Mt. Clemens [Freep]