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Re-Imagining Royal Oak Buildings

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There's a prime slot open for a commercial lease smack dab in the middle of Royal Oak, next to Leo's Coney Island on S. Main. Royal Oak Patch asked "what should this be?" to which one person responded a boutique hotel, once again demonstrating that the Detroit area is still struggling with that concept. With the upcoming Jolly Pumpkin Brewery set to arrive in RO, lets not let silly suggestions get in the way of an important opportunity to talk about Michigan cities turning around. This is a big opportunity for the city of RO, and so we implore it, fill that slot with a tenant, any tenant, that caters to real adults and not the Jersey-Shore watching, binge-drinking, ugly loft-renting 23 year olds that it has gotten so used to in the last 15 years. If Detroit can pull itself out of a public image crisis, then so can you, RO. [LoopNet]