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More Than 60 % Off! CPA Building Dramatically Drops Price

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Benjamin Bator might be getting his wish for that Corktown boutique hotel he asked for in our Re-Imagining Detroit Buildings series! The owners of the CPA building have gotten serious about selling, so it seems: the price is down to just half a Million; when we last reported on this one it was asking $1.4 M! At a savings of $900,000, we're betting an investor will be found! However, so far no one that has been in the building has found it hotel-suitable yet; insiders indicate the highway is loud and that the elevator shafts are placed in weird locations that may not be best for hotel rooms. If you go check it out yourself, please hit our tipline with interior photos! Thanks to Detroiturbex for sharing these interior shots.

Images via Detroiturbex.

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