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A Look At Two Albert Kahn-Designed Condos For Sale

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Right now there are two opportunities to buy a condo in an Albert-Kahn designed building; a one-bedroom is listed for $16,650 and a two-bedroom that came on the market at $25,000 last October and just PriceChopped down to $22,500. We can't help but play favorites. Here are our thoughts on which one is the better buy.

The one-bedroom does not cost that must green, but sure does like that paint color. At 600 square feet, it is a cute little thing. However...

We see no reason not to pick the 950 square foot two-bedroom over it's little friend. Really, those big sun room windows seal the deal.

· 120 Seward St, Unit 110 Detroit [Michigan Homes]
· 120 Seward Street #201 [Trulia]