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Last Call For Renting A Broderick Tower Penthouse: Three Left

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Penthouse views and construction shots.

As of Saturday, the price list from the Broderick Tower indicated that there are only three penthouse apartments left out of the 33 offered. The Thirty-Second floor has two of 'em! The three bedroom (32N) is asking $3,620/month for 1,920 square feet. The much smaller unit 32 K (a one-bedroom with 605 square feet) is asking $1,310/month. Down on the 27th floor, 27N rents for $3,570/month for a three-bedroom and 2.5 bath apartment with 2,108 square feet. All told, the building has 125 units, of which plenty of non-penthouse views are left below the 25th floor.

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Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226