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Comment of the Day

Great idea and its about time.....actually, way past time. Detroit has a bad habit of hanging on to crap when it has no value and it just sits and deteriorates into more ruin porn. That derelict Packard Plant has sat there for 50 years rotting away and blighting a whole portion of the city as did the hulking wreck Hudson's building did for years. It wasn't until Hudson's was gone that something positive came along to replace it. Detroit needs to get over its penchant for hoarding junk, keep what is usable, and move on. That Central Depot is never going to be anything but a reminder of what was and will never be again so I'll say what no one else's time for it to go, too! -Roger Gienapp via Facebook [Time to Take Down Detroit's Most Freeway-Visible Ruin Porn Towers, Former Home to Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson]