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Broderick's Party Deck-Adjacent Apartment is Still Available

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As observed at our last tour of the M@dison building, its neighbor the Broderick Tower has a rental apartment with a window that opens onto the Dan Gilbert-owned roof deck. The M@dison is renting that rooftop party space out for weddings and corporate parties, but if you decide to be the first resident of the Broderick's seventh (and eighth!) floor apartment known as 7F, you get free unlimited access*! As we learned this weekend at yet another tour of the in-progress renovations at the 34-floor Broderick Tower, this pimp apartment is a two-level, two-bedroom with 1.5 bathrooms, and 1,246 square feet.

*some assembly required to make grand entrance.

The apartment showed up on the price list this Saturday as still available for $1,810/month. Would-be residents that toured the building last November will notice that all the prices have been raised since the building hit 50% leased (impressive since you cannot even move in until the fall!) So, how are we going to supplement our income in 7F? Plan to never pay for booze again once party season starts. The construction workers have installed one of those in-track metal things that currently prevents you from opening the window more than a few inches.

But fortunately we have heard of these things called screwdrivers...

Easy enough and far more fun than being that whiner that keeps calling with noise complaints. And on the right drunken night, you might just be able to make a killing selling $4 PBRs out your window to the wedding guests that have stupid cousins that were too cheap for open bar.

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Broderick Tower

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