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Another Big Win For Michigan Ave: Mercury Burger Bar Opened!

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Images by Nicole Rupersburg of Eat It Detroit.

Update: Breakfast is not being served yet! We are crying into an empty coffee cup.

Behold! This is what Mercury Burger Bar looked like the day before they opened the doors to the drunken St. Patrick's Day parade-goers on Sunday. Today, they officially opened for the first full menu day, which includes breakfast. The verdict from those we've talked to so far is, "OMG meat tastes so good when I am druuuuunk." As for decor, we're a big fan of the staircase that owners David Stiekne and Dennis Fulton kept from when this place was a coffee shop. The mural up front is by Detroit artist Jerome Ferretti and the image of the car grill on the back wall is by Dan Gilbert. Well kinda. Gilbert owns Fathead LLC, the company that makes these giant precision cut vinyl wall graphics. Apparently, Detroit weather loves a patio because it got pretty damn warm for the opening day of this one and is expected to stay that way for most of this week. Now if someone could just get that CPA building sold and redeveloped, we think this area of Michigan Ave that includes Astro Coffee and the Sugar House bar would be a lock for trendy nexus of Detroit coolness. (If it is not already... Curbed Cup voting, anyone?)

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