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Sweet Juniper's Jim Talks About Re-Rust Belting in Details

Jim, the writer behind the local blog (you might call it a Detroit-blog-meets-daddy-blog) Sweet Juniper is a Lafayette Park resident and right now, also a contributor to Details Magazine. He wrote a short piece about leaving San Francisco for Detroit in 2006, ditching a daily grind that wore him out. As he grew up in Kalamazoo, a return to Michigan meant a return to the region known as the rust belt (they say Detroit is the buckle!)

"But the lifestyle isn't the Rust Belt's only appeal: These cities' architecture and infrastructure are genuinely beautiful and a constant reminder that for generations people from around the world have been flocking to the region to make things."Sure, the thing we came here to make was technically "trouble" but we could not agree more that more coastal people should do this. Because lounging on an expensive couch in an expensive apartment saying "But we have so many cultural opportunities here!" while you watch full seasons of Bravo shows is sad and Detroit does not have one of those Real Housewives seasons for a reason! · The Call of the Rust Belt [Details]
· Sweet Juniper [Official]