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The Lavish "Stone Hedge" Mansion Of Former Tigers Owner Walter O. Briggs Can Be Yours For Less Than $500 K

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Another amazeballs mansion has been listed in Detroit and this time, it's not decaying! This home manor was built for Walter O. Briggs, the entrepreneur that was the sole owner of the Detroit Tigers from 1935 to his death in 1952. Designed by Architects Chittenden & Knotting in 1914, it came to be known as "Stone Hedge." The eleven-bedroom is touting nine fireplaces, an elevator, and some weird woodwork that won't stop looking at us (see interior photos of the spooky faces on the walls). There's a carriage house too! The ask right now is $465,000 for the 9,638 square-foot manor, which ain't bad considering at least some of the bathrooms (there are 7 total) still look rather nice and that the kitchen is usable, if a bit retro in a 1970s way.

· 700 W Boston Blvd [Zillow]

Stone Hedge

700 W Boston Blvd , Detroit, MI 48202