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The Details of the Details Magazine Rust Belt Feature

Photos by Doug Dubois. Images courtesy of Details Magazine.

After we told you yesterday about Details Magazine's little online snippet about Detroit, we learned that the upcoming April issue has a full feature on the Rust Belt. Along with Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and others, Detroit gets its chance to shine courtesy of photogenic locals like Phil Cooley and Jerry Paffendorf (aka The Motor City Mark Zuckerberg). Hilarious that the rest of America needs to buy a glossy for their gander at these two while the rest of Detroit knows you can just hang at Astro coffee in Corktown on any given day and become best friends with one or the other. Or both! Other pretty pictures of our fair city include MOCAD, Cory Lavinge near the Bagley Ave Pedestrian Bridge, Mitch Cope from Powerhouse Productions, and a photo of our building! Yep there's a little preview (very little) of the space in 2051 Rosa Parks that will be Cortown Cinema.

And here's a little-known media tidbit, for those of you that want to sound super in-the-know about such matters. Details is a Condé Nast publication, which pretty much makes it a step sister to that MLive site we are always linking to. As explained in the media kit, that site is an online division of Advance Publications, owner of 27 newspapers, Condé Nast magazines, Parade, Newhouse News Service, Religion News Service, The Cartoon Bank, and 10 online services including Epicurious and So there you have it: New Yorkers fascination with Detroit is sorta like your fascination with your weird cousins from [insert other state here]. All in the family! We love it!

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