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5-Bedroom Near Freeway Appeals With Yard Space, Potential

This 1921 home just listed for $115,000 is a 2,200 square footer on a block that ends at a Freeway. Ok, so that's not really a selling point, but hell, this is Detroit. A good 25% 75% of the homes are on blocks with Freeways at the end, right? What it really does have going for it is a big lot (80' by 133') and maybe the potential to scoop the one next to it. It's unclear where the bounds are but with the Mayor's office rolling out that $200 lot buying program you'll want to do your research and then create an Old Miami-style expanse of fun fountains and yard art and a stage... entertainment possibilities are endless. You should have a solid four guest bedrooms where your friends can crash when the open mike night ends.

· 1128 Atkinson [Michigan Homes]