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Kid Rock Buys Waterfront Detroit House On Same Block As Mayor's Mansion

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Famous white rapper, chanteur Kid Rock, now owns waterfront property on Dwight street, the same block where Mayor Dave Bing currently resides in the Manoogian Mansion (donated to the city as the official Mayor's Mansion in 1966). The Free Press broke the story yesterday without a photo of the home or an address, but a little snooping in public records revealed the location of the Colonial to Curbed. It is a 6,000 square-foot six bedroom most recently listed as as short-sale for $459,000 if you go by MLS data, or $465,000 if you ask Zillow. Whoever filled out the paperwork on the final sale found some weird way to hide the final purchase price, but the house was bought by Ritchie Robert James Living Trust which Kid fans will recognize as his real name: Robert James "Bob" Ritchie. He closed on January 19.

Other residents of this block include one-time Mayoral candidate Tom Barrow who says he met the star and he was wearing a red hat at the time! “We’re happy to have him as a neighbor,” said Barrow. “We’re hoping his private life is calming and can have a positive influence on my young children. We’re confident he’ll be a good neighbor. I know he’s very pro-Detroit.” We're not so sure "calming" is the right word. Rumors circulating indicate that this residence already has a past as a party house. The previous owner bought the place with several college buddies when they were all young and raucous. He eventually bought the other bros out and lived there with his family. Then there is the fact that Kid Rock is likely to install a jamming sound system and that given the Mayor's Mansions past, former-mayor-turned-convicted-felon Kwame Kilpatrick set the bar pretty high for local Detroit debauchery on Dwight Street.

Update! Thanks to the commenter that dug up these interior photos on Yahoo.

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The Manoogian Mansion

9240 Dwight St, Detroit, MI 48214