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Corktown's Next Coffee Shop Scored A Skylit Space, Courtyard

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Astro Coffee on Michigan Ave. is closed Mondays, but today Corktown need not go under-caffeinated because there is a preview of the next new coffee shop to open happening right NOW that will be around until 2 pm today. If you have been to the pop-op over at MOCAD, you already know Anthology Coffee. Fortunately they have secured a permanent space much closer to Curbed Detroit HQ in the 2051 Rosa Parks Building (thanks, landlords!) Though it is still under renovation, the Anthology team got to host a little preview in front of the roll-up garage door that will one day be home. (The word is that the building owners will replace the green one with a more attractive version.) As these detail shots show, this part of the complex still has paint over many of the glass panels, but that will change. Also on the way is enough work to get that skylight cleaned off and fully functional so that it opens in warm weather. The coffee bar will be in the middle of the garagey space while there is still enough room for on-site roasting. Building owners have discussed plans for a courtyard out front shared by the other commercial tenants with a deck. We intend to be regulars at an outdoor table as soon as they are ready.

· Anthology Coffee [Official]
· Anthology Coffee [Facebook]

2051 Rosa Parks

2051 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, MI 48216