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Packard Plant, An Icon, Doomed To Demolition By Owner

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Images via Detroiturbex.

Fans of Detroit's iconic ruins (like Phil Cooley) are getting some heartbreaking news this am via The Detroit News. Dominic Cristini, the owner of the Packard Plant through his company, Bioresource, said he wants to start demolishing the Packard Plant within a month. He expects to spend $6 M to remove the Albert-Kahn designed plant which is 3.5 M square feet. The building is beloved by urban explores and has been the site of art installations by Scott Hocking as well as a mural by famous graffiti artist Banksy. Cristini says he is doing it for safety and will offset some of the costs with the scrap metal. The Packard Motor Car Company built the plant to produce luxury Packard automobiles; it closed in 1958.

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