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Auto Pioneer William Ernest Metzger's Home in Boston Edison

Here's a Detroit home that last sold in July of 2009 for $95,000 which is not likely to make it all that famous in the real estate world. But if you are a Cadillac fan, this is an important location (Boston-Edison is the hood full of Auto Industry Pioneers' homes, in case you did not know). This was one of the first homes built in the neighborhood; the original owner was William Ernest Metzger who constructed the home and lived there until he died in 1933. Metzger attended the world's first automobile show in London in 1895 and became obsessed with cars. He built the first U. S. automobile retail showroom, which opened in 1897 and helped organize the Detroit Auto Show in 1899. He was also one of the people who organized the Cadillac Motor Car Co. and was later appointed to the executive committee of the American Automobile Association. Obviously, he had great taste in real estate and it makes us long for a day when our magnates built classy homes in the city. Le sigh.

· Automobile Pioneers of the Boston-Edison Historic District [Historic Boston Edison]