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Freep Celebrates Suburban Deal of the Decade: Amenity-Loaded McMansion Built For $20 M Sells for $3 M

We have not so much liked the idea of in-home bowling alleys since we watched There Will be Blood, but someone else was not deterred from buying the above home for $3 Million. The Freep celebrates the deal on this foreclosure (it was built for $20 M in 1998) while Curbed wonders who the F would need 13,777 square feet of McMansion with a ten-car garage in Novi? Granted, we might be swayed by the swimming pool with the slide. The article can't help but be jazzed by sales prices at the top pf the luxury market in Metro Detroit (which in this article includes no examples in Detroit). Whopper homes listed for $2.3 million to $3.9 million are selling for $2 or $3 M. "I think everyone realizes that there is an almost 50%-off sale from the original prices," said Pamela Stoler, a Realtor with Hall & Hunter in Birmingham who sold a $2-million house in Bloomfield Hills last year. "You know you can't duplicate that house if you were going to build it today." Our take? Let's hope no one wants to build behemoths today. Other examples in the article which we find particularly jarring include an "replica of a Virginia plantation" in Bloomfield Hills (lovely, but fake history misplaced weirds us out), and a "contemporary home" on Orchard Lake that looked mod enough on the outside but found a weird 90s vibe on the inside.

· Million-dollar segment rises for 2nd year as deals entice buyers [Freep]